Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Nesting List

For the record, I'm not a fan of the term "nesting". It annoys me, and I'm not sure why. (Maybe it's because I get a mental image of some poor over-due woman dragging twigs around with her mouth?)
But this is what the craziness of preparation that seems to take over a pregnant woman's brain is commonly known as, so I'll go with it.

Last night as I laid awake in bed listening to our massive thunder storm (regardless of weather, laying awake has become a regular occurrence, seeing as there are no longer any positions where I can actually sleep comfortably) it dawned on me that I've got roughly 6 weeks until this baby is due.

6 weeks.

whoa. I'm not ready...not even close.
Ready to hold that sweet little bundle, and kiss pudgy little cheeks, fingers and toes? (and sleep on my back again?) Absolutely.
But the house? No where near ready.

We've been playing musical furniture for about 4 months now. It started with emptying the baby (formerly storage) room and finding a home for all it's citizens, be it somewhere here in the house, or off to a thrift store. What hasn't found a home yet is still sitting in my living room and dining room.

The contents of my sewing room (aka dining room table) are now sitting on the floor in my office.

See where this is going? And I haven't even started on the boys' room, the messy state that it's in, and the horrible lavender walls that we've yet to paint.
Speaking of paint...that baby room is still beige.

I decided I needed to make a list (again) and knock things off that don't absolutely have to be done.
My list was a little braver a few months ago, and I did get quite a bit of it done...but something's gotta give.

Here's what I've scratched.

One month of completed, frozen meals. I'll settle on a week's worth.
Painting the living room and dining room. They're a lovely shade of beige as well, but they'll wait.
Floor cloth for the baby's room. She won't even appreciate it yet anyway.
Recovering my living room rocking chair. It's ugly, but we'll live.


Ripped up carpeting in the boys' room. It's lovely, cornflower blue days are long gone.
Emptied baby room. This task deserves more than one "check" off the list. This took a LOT of time!
Found a solution for my spice jar woes. That's another post, for another day. It's done though!
Made and Canned Corn Relish. yummy!
Re-organized and switched closets. I'm now using the baby room closet as my own...since the one in our bedroom is itsy bitsy.
Set up baby room

Crochet baby booties, hats etc. Ok, this wasn't absolutely necessary...and I haven't set time aside for this. But I've used my times where I needed to put my feet up to do this. Or when I've been out visiting family etc, I've just taken my crochet with me. There's still more I'd like to do, but we'll see how the rest of this goes.

Still needs done

Make a diaper bag. I know this shouldn't sound like a "need"...but honestly, the cost of diaper bags are outrageous-even the shiny vinyl variety. And even more outrageous if it's not plastered with gag-me-cutesy teddy bears and precious moments characters. If I can find one that I won't be embarrassed to carry, and for a reasonable price, I'll settle. That's yet to happen though.

Tomatoes need canned. I'm not going to make salsa, or even spaghetti sauce...i just want canned tomatoes. Nothing tastes better in the middle of the winter than leftover summer tomaters!

Crib bedding. This isn't quite as adventurous as it sounds. I'm not going to go all out and make bumper pads and little cute but useless pillows. I do have some beautiful old chenille blankets though that have rips and holes in spots, so I plan on cutting them down to crib size, and hemming them.

Paint-boys room and baby room, and the dresser in the baby room.

Ballet slipper pink for baby room. (It's actually a LOT lighter than it's shown in the swatch...) This  dresser is a good example of what the colour actually looks like.

Reorganize the boys' room. I swear I've done this many times...but the room keeps ending up in a "I didn't know where it went, so I left it on the floor" state.

Carpeting needs ripped up in baby room. It's the same *lovely* cornflower blue, but luckily has beautiful hard wood underneath.

Recover rocking chair in baby room. Haven't even picked the fabric yet.

Make some meals to freeze. Once I figure out what those are, I'll post them.

Baby room curtains. I don't know if I'm going to make or buy these...either way, we need some.

Decorate the baby's room. This is one fun thing I'm looking forward to. I've never really gotten to do I've never really had a "baby" room.

Bins in the basement...reorganize? since we found out that we're having a girl, I've been going through all our boy clothes, getting rid of some and passing them on to my sisters. I still have bins of clothes though that were in the baby room, that are now in the basement, and stacked like the leaning tower of Pisa. I'm afraid that they might kill someone.

Restore living room and dining room to their actual purpose. And by that, I mean the living room as a living room, and the dining room as a dining room/sewing room. Right now they're acting as storage units for our overflow from our game of musical furniture.

Last, but not least...somehow find the time to make this. I found this adorable blanket tutorial the other day and have literally been dreaming about it since. And since I already have fabric in my stash (or as Mark calls it, my "fabric creep") it won't cost a cent. How can I NOT make this?

I'm sure a few more things will make their way onto the list soon and that some of this might not happen...but for now I'm trying to remain optimistic about it and get through one step at a time!

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  1. Baby crocheting (or knits in my case) are essential. Don't doubt it.

    I love that baby blanket. Love, love, love. Why can't I sew better? And sadly I have a fabric creep of my's not getting any smaller while I'm not sewing...