Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{Yarn Along}

Over the last couple of weeks I've been on a bit of a hiatus from the online world. It wasn't really planned, or completely intentional.
I had a few quiet days following an oral surgery and didn't bother with the computer much because I wasn't feeling up to it. Then things around the house needed caught up thing led to another and here we are, a little over two weeks later. Funny how that happens.

In the knitting realm though I've been quite busy. Lotte happily plays at my feet and wraps me to my chair with my balls of yarn. She loves to get into my knitting bag and unload it's contents and then pack it all back up again for me.

I could probably knit faster and more efficiently without the help of a toddler, but that wouldn't be any fun now, would it? I just don't think I'd enjoy it quite as much without my busy critter.

Here are a few of the projects that I've made/finished during my little break.
This hat, and this hat, for the new babies, and little sleep sacks

This was my first time cabling and I loved it. I can't wait to make more owls on a few upcoming christmas gifts. 

Addie has already christened her little sleeping bag with spit up.

Yes...we do family pictures at Ikea *all the time*. This was Addie and Joash's first venture on this sweet, Scandinavian pilgrimage though, so it needed to be thoroughly documented.

Also, I was finally able to photograph Lotte in her "Lovey Dovey", which was long over due. I finished this back in September, but I waited until her mid October birthday to give it to her since it was supposed to be her first birthday dress.
It turned out just as I hoped.

I think she's rather pleased with it too!


  1. Cute sweater dress and I love the colors! I hope you are completely recovered from your oral surgery, which I am sure was NOT fun at all. Glad to see you and see what you've been knitting!

  2. Oh my this such a cute post! adorable children and wonderful knitting.

  3. Corrie! Stop with all this! Too many babies - and all in knits. Goodness, talk about baby fever.

    Everything looks so good. Lotte in her lovey dovey! So sweet. I may have to knit one now. I may also need to have more babies now. This is what you've done to me. ;)

  4. oh my, that lovey dovey is so cute. ands those sleep sacks... adorable.

  5. oh so much cuteness! darling babies and knits.

  6. Lotte's lovey dovey looks just perfect on her!
    Oh, those beautiful babies, how blessed you are
    to have them in your world, and their knits are
    just so sweet.

  7. So much cuteness! What sweet babes. :)