Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yarn Along

I decided a few weeks ago to make up a few of these stars-
not as a garland like the pattern suggests, but just as individual ornaments for gift toppers, or a little something to hang on a bottle of wine etc.
 I used utility twine which isn't very pliable so the stars don't have a real "point" to them, but I like the way they turned out regardless. I'm not even 100% certain that this twine is even cotton or acrylic...i'm thinking it might be paper, It's really hard to tell.
I might make up a few more though in something different just to see how it turns out.

I'm also making a few of these for gift exchanges-owlie coffee cup cozies. In order to fit in the whole owl these do turn out a little long, so maybe they're not suitable for a small coffee cup, but lucky for me, I don't think I have any friends that would actually order only a small. Yeah, not happening. I still need to block this out and add some peepers!

I really wish I had bought more of this yarn though-it was a really cheap clearance sale early this autumn. At first glance it looks like grey marl, but then if you look really closely, there are tiny bits of colour running through it, like little pieces of bakers twine. I only bought one skein of this colour, and another in pink. Definitely kicking myself now.

I have a few other projects on the go that i'd love to post but i'll have to wait until after Christmas so I don't give anything away!


  1. Oh I do love the owl cable. I definitely want one of these, I never order small coffee either!

  2. Cute cosy and I do like the bit of pink running through the gray! Love you wee little flake as well.

  3. I love it! Thanks to my friend, Chelita, I have a renewed love for yarn and a new appreciation for wonderful things like what you have done here. I love making gifts and receiving homemade gifts. They just mean so much more!