Thursday, October 10, 2013

::t w o::

My little Charlotte is getting bigger.
She's turning into this independent little creature that surprises me daily with her new found abilities and tricks.
She's earned herself several nick names over her two years. "The house hippo", "Pickles","Lah-tee-Dah" name a few. And all with good reason, I assure you.
She's as stubborn as her Daddy, and has little fits and stomps her chubby little legs over silly little things, and I have to try my best not to laugh. 
 It's so hard to take a very cute, furious toddler seriously. Especially when she's wearing a crown, her big brother's rain boots, and a  tutu, with a tool belt strapped around her waist.

Two is an awkward age. I can tell her that we have to wait for morning to do the activity she wants to do. And she understands.
She knows her days of the week, her ABC's and can count to 10.
 But she simply cannot figure out why it's not OK to eat crayons. Or Put them in her nose....or put them in MY nose.
And why she can't, despite all her best efforts, wear a shirt as pants. Or why I can't wear her clothes, no matter how much she begs me to.
But she's full of love and affection, and has such a sweet and soft gentle side. (Even when sporting a tool belt.) She always has time for kisses and cuddles, and will sit on my lap and tell me tall tales about her day. 
She melts my heart. I am continuously reminded of how blessed we are to have her as a member of our family; She's brought us such joy and laughter.

Happy Second Birthday to Lotte, My little sugar pie!