Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yarn Along {christmas hats}

Sometime mid-summer, I decided that every kid i'm knitting a gift for this Christmas is getting a hat. I'm not entirely sure why, it just seemed practical and seemed like something I could without having to be too careful about measurements. Hats can fit in a multitude of ways and still look right, so it seemed like a no brainer.

...But now....I'm tired of hats. 

Well, at least kids' basic, stockinette hats. But the problem is, I hit the half way point and can't give some of my nieces and nephews a plain stockinette beanie and others something more fun and more detailed.

This is where my non-family-but-may-as-well-be-family "nieces" and "nephews" come into play.
A few days ago it just dawned on me that they won't be opening their gifts in front of my other nieces and nephews. I can let go. Use different yarn. Play with the patterns. Not stab myself with my knitting needles. 
You get the idea.

I haven't been knitting at my usual pace lately-knitting with a baby in my arms takes a bit longer depending on what position we're in, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I remember with my first three how fast this all passes, and before you know it, you're begging them to slow down and come sit on your lap. I'll take all I can while I can!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yarn Along {Welcome Baby Abilene}

I've been gone a little while because our tiny bundle has finally arrived! 
Abilene Cecilia Belle (We're calling her Billie for short) arrived at 1:34 pm on November 1st. 
She's been, by far, our best "sleeper" ever, and is looking a lot like her big brother Zeke and her big sister Lotte.(who is smitten, but a touch jealous of all the attention. We're fully confident that she'll recover sooner or later.)

I finally have someone to wear all those ridiculously small garments that I've been working on.
Sweater: Wheatfield
Longies: Pantaloons

Booties: Baby Feets
Hat: From Where You Were Plucked (pictured at bottom)

I have been plugging away at a few gifts since she's been born, but I can't mention them because, well, they're gifts! Knitting time has slowed considerably since my arms are occupied most of the day (I do knit some with her in my arms), but i'm soaking up every moment of this that I can because I know it's only a matter of months before she'll be wanting out of my arms and down on the floor with her siblings.

 This goes by too fast, nothing is going to keep me from enjoying it while I can. Even knitting. ;)

Binding off,