Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Year...and a Yarn Along

One Year ago today our lives were changed forever when this sweet little girl came into our lives at just shy of 6 am, weighing 8lbs ad 3oz, on Thanksgiving Day.
I can't believe that a year has gone by already...too fast.
It feels like it was just yesterday that I was holding skin to skin, examining that precious face for the first time, in awe of just how much she looked like her Daddy and her brothers.

Smelling the top of her head and kissing it, marking her territory on my heart forever. 
A roly-poly ball of pudge, full of those sweet newborn creases, and dark, gentle little eyes that only opened when the lights were dimmed, and soft, sweet breathy coos and sighs, content, full-belly yawns and snuggles.
The middle of the night conversations we'd share, getting to know each other, tying our bond. The whispering in her tiny ears of all my love and promises.
She's grown so much, and has turned into my very own little baby doll. I can't imagine our lives without this precious creature! She brings us such joy and happiness, and it's so rewarding to watch her learn and grow into the sweet, happy little girl that she's becoming. 

I wanted to make her a quick, last minute birthday sweater, something light for early Autumn. I chose the plain vest for it's simplicity and it worked out perfectly. Not too hard, and took less than a day. The decreases were a little tricky to work out since the pattern doesn't specify, but it was a good learning experience.

Lotte enjoyed modelling her new sweater for me, I think she was just about as pleased with her little sweater as I was!

 Mark thought that the sweater better be tested for flight as well, so they gave it a quick spin in the air, in a game of Daddy tosses baby. Normally this game makes me kind of nervous, but trying to focus the camera during this event gave me something else to well,, focus on.

I've cast one a new project, and hopefully will be able to get it done quickly. I needed to make something for the two new wee babes that arrived recently, but it took me a long time to figure out what. 
I've decided on the little owl sleep sack, I think i'll be able to get two of those done pretty quickly. I've never cabled before but I've just started and it looks like it's all working out right.

These sweet babies have been gaining well and will be coming home soon and I want to be able to give them their little snuggle bags when they do!


  1. oh my goodness. such a sweet heart. those baby pix make my ovaries hurt... i want another baby.
    the sweater vest is perfect.

  2. Your little one is so beautiful Corrabella and she looks quite lovely in her vest.
    I was always so afraid of cables, thinking it was hard, but it's not at all and gives knits such a special touch, perfect for those two blessings.

  3. ohhhh I miss those little newborns a lot lately.
    darn it.

    and you are such a wonderful knitter. (sigh.)

  4. Your daughter is absolutely adorable and so is the little vest you made her. I love your version so much, I think I might make a few to give as Christmas gifts.

  5. She is a sweetie in the vest, but those pigtails!!!!!they steal the show :). Happy birthday little one!

  6. So darling in her Pickles vest! Happy birthday!

  7. Your daughter is so cute...I love the little vest you made for her. Happy Birthday one-year-old! Such a sweet age.