Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lexicon Reveal: Neatly

I'm late, Again! But this time our internet was down which made it a little difficult to post anything at all ;) So better late than never...

Our lexicon word from last week was :Neatly!

Here's my contribution: 

And here's Rachel's!

Did you participate this week? If so, post a link to your image below in the comment section!
And be sure to visit Rachel over at HouseFullOfJays for next week's project word.


  1. Sweet fiber!! Lovely - did you buy?

  2. You can bet I did! It was overwhelming trying to decide, but I chose a pretty off-white colour for my "leftie". (which I haven't started yet because I need to buy smaller needles.)
    But I did get some spud and chloe sweater yarn for the "in threes" that i'm making for Lotte. I just cast on!