Wednesday, June 26, 2013

::Yarn Along::

There are a lot of projects on multiple needles right now...I need to get some of them finished before I can start more. It's an illness, I think. (One that I secretly enjoy.)

My current on going projects were put on hold this week because I did want to do something quick and fun, and have a finished product to show for it. My sister told me that her new wee sugar-pie was lacking things with long sleeves, and needed something that could warm her up on cool nights or in drafty rooms with air conditioning.
I saw my dear friend Rachel's sweater that she made and thought it the perfect solution and whipped up one of my own, from yarn I already had in my stash that a friend gave me a while back. It's by three irish girls and the colourway is "CandyLand". It reminds me of saltwater taffy, delicious!

The pattern called for fingering and was to fit a newborn. This wool is worsted, so it turned out slightly larger, which is good, because she's not a tiny baby. Newborn, yes. But she's growing like a weed. A porky, pudgy, very adorable weed. (with the biggest eyes I've ever seen.)
I was hoping to get a picture of her in it because really, she's the cute part, but it just so happens that I finished the sweater just in time for a heat wave to hit Ontario, and it's hot enough right now that no one has any business putting on a sweater right now, not even a newborn. If it cools down next week, I might get lucky enough to get a picture of her wearing it.
Project notes here

On a side note, I received the happiest mail ever this week. I had ordered some raw, unwashed wool from, British Columbia's  the Fibre Mine  so that the boys could try washing and carding, as they've been wanting to for a long time now.
When I opened the package, the scent escaped and I was immediately taken back to the summer fair grounds, the 4H club, and my Aunt Debbie's farm in Nebraska.
It was all bundled up so softly and delicately, and the farmer also included a lot of samples of fleece from other breeds. What a fun way to try out different fibers....

....Or just sit and sniff them, like I might do.


  1. I love that smell! So intoxicating....

    Only some of us can appreciate that!

    I love that little sweater. So sweet!

  2. What a cute sweater!!! Love the colors in the yarn and I think it's a very versatile knit :)

  3. yes, I suffer from the same (pleasant) illness. What a fabulous parcel.. and a great plan. I know your boys will have so much (educational and worthwhile) fun!

    Blessings, Debbie