Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Yarn Along

Keaton Hat, test knit-project info here

A Noble Cowl-Project info here

Millwater-Project info here

 Twisted Ear Warmer-project info here

Huntley Hat, test knit-project info here
This is the post where I get caught up on all the weeks that I missed participating in Yarn Along. Some were test knits so I wasn't allowed to blog about them until the patterns were released, and some were Christmas presents and I didn't want to spoil the surprise for any of my friends or family, just in case they ever stop by here.

I'm still test knitting a couple more things that will hopefully be finished in the next couple of weeks, and i'm super excited to start the Downton Abbey Mystery Knit Along.  using this yarn that I hand dyed a few days ago. I might actually start with this colour and then  use another colour after the first 4 inches or so.

I've been trying out different methods to get tonal results and I'm really happy with this one. There were some points in the dyeing process that made me really wonder if this was going to turn out at all.. Yarn looks so different when under water or wet, especially under the poor lighting over my stove.
 I thought if worse came to worse, I could end up over dyeing the whole batch in a dark colour. 
Luckily, it turned out exactly how I wanted it!  


  1. What great projects! I have a twisted ear warmer that I wear all the time. The yellow and golds of that hand dyed yarn are lovely. You are getting great results, for sure!

  2. You have been busy! I just love how your yarn turned out. I really need to start dyeing again. I miss it!

  3. Beautiful yarn and I agree there is a tonal element-yum. Loved seeing all the secret knitting that was going on behind the scenes.

  4. I must make that ear warmer. Simple and perfect.