Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yarn Along {Christmas Pressure Is On!}

Back in late spring when I started working on Christmas gifts, I have to admit that despite recognizing that the decision was quite practical, I did feel a tiny bit silly. Christmas was a long way off and my tomatoes were hardly anything more than stubby plants with a few blossoms.
But I did take a look a the list of people I was planning on knitting for, and the list of things that would also be coming at me this autumn (errr, you know, a new baby and all, and I did account for some potential toddler regression out of Lotte, thankfully, because we've had some..) 

I thought it would be wise to get a head start. 

I'm glad I did, because we're down to the wire here and i'm still plugging away. And at a slower pace, and with less sleep, might I add.I'm getting closer and closer to being finished though and I think i'm actually going to make it. 

This week's two biggies: one more hat (yep, still working on those), a pair of mittens, and just finished, a sweet little toy octopus for a friend's baby. 

The mittens i'm striping with a hand dyed yarn (the yarn is a little intense on it's own, but looks much more muted and well-behaved, adult like when striped with the grey.)

The octopus I made for a friend's baby. It was a fiddley little thing to make, but I rather enjoyed watching it unfold and come together. Those tentacles are kind of addictive to knit, so boingy and all. 
I had to wait to piece her together until my safety eyes (and felici sock yarn!!!) arrived from knit picks. 

I think she looks mighty suspicious, don't you think? It's those beady eyes. 


  1. oh, yes, saw these on pinterest already, love the stripes very much and the octopus is so cute!!

  2. love the little octopus. and the mittens oh they are quite beautiful!

  3. Loving the octopus so very much!! What a lovely gift xx

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