Wednesday, November 23, 2011

At Last, She Knits! {yarn along}

I've spent the last few glorious {albeit sleepless} weeks in a drunken romance with Lotte.
I can't get enough of her, I just soak up every second I can.
We spend a lot of time curled up together on the couch while she eats. {or should I say, "snacks"?}

This has led to a lot of Internet time...and while I can't type with both hands, I can watch netflix, and YouTube!
Late last night while Lotte was in one of those "I'm no longer hungry but can we still play?" moods, it dawned on me to check out YouTube for knitting instructions. I can knit flat/square things in basic stitches, but circular knitting has always left me puzzled and confused, and my poor needles always end up shoved back in a box for "later". A girl can only knit so many scarves!

 I'm a hands on & visual learner, but I don't know anyone personally who can knit, {that lives anywhere near here anyway}, no one in my family knits,  and unfortunately I had always attempted to learn from what I like to call "the book of poorly illustrated diagrams".
But with the help of a few videos I've finally figured out circular knitting. I messed around with working four needles, and magic looping.{What an incredible concept!}

I found an easy beginner pattern that I'm really excited about trying.

I don't think that I'll  try alternating colours just yet step at a time!

p.s. I haven't been reading much lately other than a few magazines. I'll be working on finding something soon though. My hours are numbered, so whatever book I find has to be worth my time!


  1. I too am a beginner knitter, if you can knit a square that it's suprising how many things you can make. lol ! You look so cosy and lovely, enjoy!

  2. Think I'm going to have to have a peep on utube too, I've not mastered anything in the round yet either! Your little leg warmers will be great, looking forward to seeing how they turn out x

  3. I just learned to crochet too and circular are my favorite since you just knit, knit, knit to get a stockinette stitch. Thank goodness for the internet. Enjoy your baby, they never listen to me when I tell them to stay that way lol. Tricia @ CrunchyCatholicMomma.blogspot

  4. Good idea to brush up on a new technique while you were trapped with youtube ;)

    Love the baby legwarmers, what a cute idea!

  5. Leg warmers make a great first knitting-in-the-round project! Once you get the hang of knitting in the round, that may be all you want to do!

    By the way, I can completely understand that drunken love. She's adorable!

  6. You can do it! Once you get comfortable with circular knitting, you may find you even prefer it. :) The world is your (knitting) oyster!

  7. Well no wonder you're drunk in love! What a beautiful girl. Chubby legs in handknit legwarmers are just about the cutest things ever.

  8. Oh my word, those legwarmers are adorable! Can't wait to see how yours come out!

  9. Ack those leggings are cute!! I'm ready to abandon all other projects and cast finish A's b-day sweater. I have a set of baby legs that would look too cute in them!
    Way to dive into knitting - I haven't tried magic loop yet . I'm scared.
    And Lotte doesn't look so huge when she's not next to the premie cousins and friend. Mira is such a hugie. Bittersweet - her chunk is cute but she's growing sooo fast!