Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This Old Hat {Yarn Along}

Joining Ginny again for today's yarn along!
This sweet hat has lived and survived four children now. It's one of my favorites-and it's received more compliments than any other piece of clothing that my children have worn.

 When I crocheted it over 10 years ago, I never dreamed  that it would be included in so many of my favorite memories.

Kissing cold little cheeks after an early spring walk...Or sitting by a campfire with a sleeping bundle of love.
This hat has been through it all. It's been trampled in the back seat of the car.
It's been worn all over the continent.
Thrown up on.
It's been to football games.
Hockey Games.
Wet on.
Worn by various stuffies.
my sweet little niece borrowed the hat while she was a babe

It's been very well loved.

But it's starting to fall apart, and now with a brand new noggin to take care of, I'm afraid that it might not hold up. The ties are starting to fray, and I don't know how many more washes it can handle.

I don't want Lotte to be without my favorite hat though, so I need to re-create it.
I didn't follow a pattern when I made it, in fact, I'm not entirely sure that I made it out of embroidery floss. But I'm pretty sure.

I found the closest colours possible, and can't wait to start on this. Once I figure out exactly what I did, I'll share the pattern!


  1. How funny. I never thought about knitting or crocheting with embroidery thread! Can't wait to see if you can recreate this--it fits so nicely!!!

  2. Oh, I'm excited to see the finished hat. I've seen that pic of your cutie niece wearing it before, I believe.

  3. Can't wait to see your new creation. Things that have been loved that much are the absolute best! And doesn't it always seem that the things you don't intend to be keepsakes always end up as the most loved things in your house!

  4. love the image of everyone wearing the hat, even the throw up image. I hope you can extend the life of this well loved hat :)