Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend of Play

This weekend we lucked out and got to spend some time at the National Museum of Play in Rochester NY.
I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but I'd heard good things about it, and we needed a day trip to tend to the mid winter blahs. 

Let me just say, that this was definitely worth the two hour drive (even though Ms. La-Tee-Dah did manage scream for a good portion of the way home.)

The museum was set up for children of all ages, with hidden nooks and crannies galore, ensuring that no child would be lost to boredom.
I love the attention to detail that went into creating these spaces, and that everything was scaled to size, perfect for little people.

To my delight, there were also book stations everywhere-just in case one of the littles might want to sit down and rest a while in a comfy chair, and pick up one of the many captivating titles that surrounded each play area.

Some of our favorites from the day were :

The miniature "Wegmans" grocery store, where one could be a shopper, an employee, or both!

Superhero School, where you could climb tall buildings, experience super strength, and even design your own super costume. 

Old carnival style arcade games

Sailing through history on boats from the past

Attending "Wizard" school

A collection of really old dolls-some were a little...creepy....(yes, this one is hatching from an egg.)

Playing house, in a Victorian era kitchen

Finding a familiar book, and a namesake

Riding through Oz on the wicked witch's bicycle

Walking through a very crooked house where you just can't seem to ever stand up straight

and just hanging out on the steps a familiar building on a street we all know and love

What kid wouldn't want to rest a while on Oscar the Grouch's trash can and read a  good book?

With so much to do (this place is huge) i'm surprised that we got it all done in one day.
By the time we were leaving at 8 pm, there was a lot of eye rubbing going on, and even a few yawns.

What could be better to a child than playing to the point of exhaustion?


  1. Woe - that looks like an amazing day! Thanks for the tour - I love places like that xx

  2. What an awesome place to visit! The day sounds perfect except for the screaming home part....that does not sound like fun at all :)

  3. Amazing! Lotte in the back of the bicycle kills me. So cute!
    That grocery store is way more convincing that the one we used to have at our science centre. Little E is working so hard to give her cousin a pleasant shopping experience.
    It looks like so much fun - except for the doll, that's just weird.