Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny this week again in another Yarn Along...

I'm *still* working on the scarf for Dad-he'll probably, realistically, get it next Christmas. 
I haven't had a ton of knitting time over the last few weeks, but I do bring the thing with me everywhere still. I plan on bringing it on a wee road trip that we have planned for tomorrow.

I've also started a pair of socks. I'm testing a pattern for my sister's awesome Mother-in-Law, who is somewhat of a knitting genius. The woman can crank out finished knitted socks, hats, scarves, sweaters faster than I can cast on. Seriously!

I told her that I'd like to try socks though, so she gave me a pattern that she had recently written. So far, i'm doing okay. However, I've only done the easy part-the ankle! I'm a little nervous about the heel turn, but the pattern seems to be written in a way that I *think* i'll understand.

As for my reading goes, I've just finished "Water for Elephants" which was one of those books that just felt like home.

Maybe  because it was narrated by a man who reminded me a lot of my great grandfather in the way that he spoke (And apparently, my Great Grandfather actually worked for a travelling circus/carnival as a teen...this is recent news which I plan to dig into a little deeper...)

I really wanted to read this book though before seeing the movie. I've heard nothing but good things about the film version, but you know how it is, the book is always better! 

Having not seen the movie at all  yet, I can't say which is best. I did find myself laughing out loud though at many events throughout the story. I think I would have enjoyed this even if I had already seen the movie.

I've just started reading "Room", which is growing on me slightly. The book is narrated by a child, so It's hard to take it seriously because at times, you can tell that it really is the author  *trying* to sound like a child, but missing the mark. I'm trying to see beyond that though and just take in the rest of the story...which is, in fact, incredible, and haunting.

It's one of those books where the writing style doesn't really grab me, but the story does, so i'll continue.

Do you ever force yourself through the finish of a book simply because you feel you need to hear the story, regardless of the connection you have with the style of writing?


  1. I nearly always finish a book. It has to be very very bad for me to quit. Love the yarn you are knitting with :)

  2. Heel turning is easier than it seems, just take it one stitch at a time! Then it all happens and feels like magic ;) And then you become addicted to hand knit socks!

    I've definitely finished books just to get to the end and know the story, even if the writing doesn't work for me (The Particular Sadness of Lemon cake is a good example of this, only the story ended up being as disappointing as the writing style!)

  3. i have done that with books, although i can't recall the last one.
    the yarn you are using is so nice. i love the colors. and i am also working on my first socks, and at the heel! good luck.

  4. I have the first chapter of Room on my Kindle and like you, have had a little trouble with it.
    My sister loved it so maybe I'll give it another try one day.
    Please don't stress too much about the heel turn, it's not too hard. If you find yourself having trouble, Youtube is a wonderful resource.
    Happy Yarn Along!

  5. Best wishes with your socks. Also, if I don't really enjoy reading a book, I generally stop reading... I figure there is so much out there and so little time.
    Warm wishes,

  6. I love the sock yarn you're using. Good luck with them, there is something very rewarding about knitting socks I think.

    I have quit books that don't appeal, but have also been known to persevere hoping it would grow on me (fickle?). More likely to quit books as I've got older though. I enjoyed Room mostly but know what you mean about the writing style, I think I just got past it.

  7. I adore your yarn colour, it is gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing


  8. i just started my first DPN project myself, socks will soon follow i am sure, but i am SO intimidated by the whole heel thing. i too want to read like water for elephants before i see the movie...yet there it sits on the bookshelf gathering dust....with all my other lonely, i will get to you one day books...


  9. There have been many books that I've stopped and others have had to force myself through simply because I either wanted to find out the ending or hoped that somehow the writing/story would improve. Of course, if it never improves...I wonder how it got published in the first place!

  10. Good luck with the socks, I think you'll see it's not complicated and so gratifying. I liked that book, and I still haven't seen the movie, must add it to my queue. I used to finish everything, not so much anymore. Life is too short to not love whatever your reading, eating, knitting...I think!

  11. I just reserved the book at the library, thanks for the tip! I haven't seen the film yet either, but like you, I like to make my own images first - the book is mostly better because of that, I think!

  12. Yes, I've done that at times with books that I've received for free as part of an early reviewer program.

    Mostly, if I'm not enjoying the book, I stop reading.

  13. I love the wool for your socks! Have fun with them!
    Sometimes I trudge through a book just to see it through to the end but more often these days I am more selective. I cannot waste my precious little reading time!