Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yarn Along

While my book from last week is finished, I regret to tell you that the scarf is not. That, however is to be expected.  I really didn't think that I'd have it finished yet, I give it at least another month, at the rate that I've been knitting lately. I held it up to my Dad last weekend and I think I still have about a third left.

  Charlotte has been helping out with the knitting around here, pulling strings when ever she can, tangling her sweet pudgy little fingers up in whatever falls into her sweaty grasp.

Why are baby hands always so sweaty inside? And why does baby sweat smell so delicious? Sometimes I like to pry open her tiny little hands just to sniff her palms.

I even caught her helping Daddy this week.
I'm so thrilled that I got a picture of Mark actually sitting down and making I-cord. I think he's more enthralled with the little machine (Embellish Knit) than the craftiness of it.
Zeke was also a little miffed that something that once took him ages to knit on his little corker, now takes a completely unskilled-in-crafts Daddy and brother only seconds. 
I will say, that it does make beautiful I-cord, very quickly. It's a touch finicky if you make it go too fast though- It can create messes that will give you nightmares.

Hopefully next week I'll have more of this scarf done, and have found another book that's worth reading!


joining Ginny in this week's yarn along


  1. Love the photo of the scarf and the baby :) Such a peaceful moment in time.

  2. Babies do smell so wonderful and that is a smell I miss!
    How nice to have a husband who makes i-cords and I love that little gadget. I really must look into getting one for here as i-cords and I don't get along!
    Have a lovely yarn along day.

  3. An icord machine? I must get one of those! Lovely picture, such a sweet moment to capture :)

  4. Aw, I love watching my kids make things with my husband - usually woodworking, at our house. But isn't it fun?

  5. Your little guy is just adorable!

  6. Wha?? That is so cool!! I have to admit I hate making i-cord. Poor, Zeke. ;)

    Lotte is so cute snuggled under your dad's scarf. Oh sweet babies - I'm always drinking in Mira's sweet smell.

  7. oh she is so sweet. and the smell. yes, the mr. is always commenting on how all of our babies have always smelled like pound cake.