Monday, September 24, 2012


Our weekend began on Friday this time
the sew hungry food truck rally was creating all sorts of fun on our street
the mister even took the day off work to help out with reuben's soda sales
zeke was out on the sidewalk busking
both boys made some decent coin while busy at their work
i observed from the sidelines, as i knit, watched the girl
and enjoyed some treats from cake & loaf
lotte tried out her new squeaky shoes and took them for a spin around the block with daddy
i have a video of her squeaky shoes but it won't upload right now
which is too bad, because it's cute, really cute.
later, i promise
saturday was wheelchair basketball practice for the mister (long story)
and zeke, who's decided to play along this year
while reuben and made preparations for mark's evening birthday party
with chocolate oreo cheese cake, veggie samosas, and bruschetta
some thrift store hunting for pants for reuben
while we did find one pair of pants, we also found a gorgeous shiny metal apple bowl
and her baby sister
the largest of the sister had no lid, so she got left at the store
i wonder if we hurt her feelings, or if she'll miss her younger sisters?
the boys found a brand new table hockey set at a yard sale after church, for $1
we've been having some dining room table tournaments
i watercoloured one of my favorite quotes, about my favorite season
i put on a cozy sweater and was happy it was cool enough to do so
warmed up some cider
and followed our tradition of filling the pumpkin with candy corn and peanuts

playing along with Amanda on weekending.


  1. Oooo, I love the quote - and the watercolours!

    I want someone to make veggie samosas for my birthday - they are my favourite! That, and the Sew Hungry sign are too much for yummy!

  2. Love that you wore a cozy sweater and watercolored. I bet it made you all happy inside and out :)

  3. SOunds like a darn good weekend!
    Cider and sweaters means Fall is here, no?
    Great pics!

  4. looks like the makings of a fun weekend! and sweaters and cider? perfect.