Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Snippets

We had a rushed Saturday full of errands and grocery shopping, but our reward came Sunday, when we drove out to to see friends who live in the country.
Where we sat outside while the kids played.

Where we (or I) picked 60 lbs of crab apples from a tree that was so loaded that her branches were dragging on the ground.
The boys shot the worm eaten crab apples off into the field with their sling shots.

The girl rolled around under the tree on the grass as I picked, and tired herself out.

And then we sat outside some more, surrounded by quiet and sunshine
and did nothing at all. 



  1. sounds lovely! i don't know that i've ever experienced a crab apple.

  2. What a weekend and you got some great photos while all the work was done. When I was little we used to pick crab apples but I would not take one single bite in fear of a worm!

  3. sounds perfect. especially the doing nothing part.