Monday, August 19, 2013


Our weekend was spent almost entirely in the kitchen.
First a Saturday kitchen overhaul with the help of my practical thinking Mom, and an annoyed Reuben (who just really wanted to play a board game) and a chocolate chip bribed Lotte who spent most of the time colouring at (on) the kitchen table.
She also occasionally sampled her crayons when we weren't looking.

While Mark and Zeke participated in their wheelchair basketball team's fundraiser, the rest of us unloaded cupboards, piled dishes and cans in laundry baskets, filled canisters and spice jars until we were yawning.

I invited my mom over for breakfast that day, and told her my plans for rearranging the kitchen (because things just weren't working out the way that they were) and she dove in and ended up staying until 7 pm helping me.
She came to two conclusions that day...

1. I have way too many interests. (Duh. Where does she think I get that from?)
2. Drinks, spices and condiments are my downfall . (Again, duh, Mom. I'm your kid.)

Sunday afternoon was spent actually using my newly arranged kitchen (which I thoroughly enjoyed. I can tell we will be good friends) in making and bottling Crab Apple Red Pepper Jelly, Spiced Tomato Chutney, finishing up my plethora of Sauerkraut, and finally, finishing this morning with bottling our Kombucha. Phew.

There were Bacon Tomato sandwiches to keep us happy and to keep extra cooking to a minimum, and a new (free!) lawn swing to take fun, short breaks on. I plan on spending a lot more time out on that swing, once I tackle this last box of crab apples!
or as Mark enjoys calling them, Crub-Upples. 


  1. ha! the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?

  2. A kitchen that works is invaluable. How lucky that you had a mom who was willing to help you and of course opine (my biggest downfall as a mother-keeping my comments to myself!). Glad you like the redesign!!