Sunday, September 22, 2013

Far Away Home {weekending}

Blogging from my phone for the first time. Eeek!

the weekend started off with the annual town wide yard sale
so many temptations
but with the constant reminder that it will have to be lugged or mailed back to Ontario

so instead of thrifted treasures i opted for a better kind...browsing through Grandma's very full recipe box, which didn't disappoint
and led to laughter over some of the notes

and maybe a impromptu, wee runza fest with my aunt in my Poppie's tiny, but well loved kitchen

Grandma dozed in the next room, and although she's fading quickly and most of her memory has long gone, i couldn't help but wonder what she would think of our laughing about some of her notes

surrounded by her beautiful paintings, i was flooded with memories of her showing me different brush techniques as a little girl
she always had turquoise rings on her long and tan fingers

 I can still remember the distinct paint smell of her little art studio that my Poppie built for her on the side of their house.

and how she would let me  carefully wash her real, sable brushes when I visited.
i remember thinking that i was pretty big business-being trusted to wash them

I missed her so much when we would have to leave that i would cry and beg to stay "just one more day".
living far away from family for so much of the year was so emotionally difficult, and it still is

its the pits

and now my kids do the begging
and i have to be the voice of reason
which is darn near impossible for someone who is already homesick for Kansas.
Dorothy wasn't kidding around when she said "there's no place like home."

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  1. awww, i know that feeling. we moved away from my grandparents and while i loved visiting, the day i had to leave was heartbreaking.