Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{Yarn Along} Mildred

Yarning along while on the road. We're rounding the end of our trip now and currently in Council Bluffs, Iowa, visiting my grandfather.
My knitting over the last day has proven to be...ugly. I just wanted something simple and mindless that doesnt take up too much space in the car, so I cast on a wash cloth. (Or as you would say here in the midwest... a "worsh" cloth.)

What can i say? Its brown. Its round, it has no rhyme or reason, no bells, no whistles. If she had a name it might be Mildred, and she might be a bit grouchy because her support stockings are too tight. And When you visit her home, her only snacks to offer are grapefruit juice, old saltines and banana flavoured hard candies that are all sort if stuck together in one unpromising wad, in the bottom of an old watkins cough drop tin.
Yes, Its safe to say that knitting Mildred right now is purely about the process, and has very little to do with the actual project. If not, she would have been frogged by now.
My reading has mostly been limited to some recipes, a few magazines weve picked up on the way and the orschelns catalogue. (Which is actually more excting than it sounds.)
Also, a few of Lottes books that have been read more during these last few days than i can count. Dr. Seuss, anyone?

Binding off, 


P.S... check out the yarn bombing I found at the old market in omaha, Nebraska!


  1. poor mildred, not getting any love. in PA people say worsh at times too :) but not me! I hope you find something fun to knit and that it gets a rave review.

  2. We took a three week road trip in July and I did very little knitting despite having brought an overflowing bag full of yarn along for the ride. Love the yarn bomb. :)

  3. My older sister says "worsh" and we've lived in New England all our lives. :-)

  4. Oh, I think Mildred looks an interesting shape, but then again I've spent no time knitting it. Love the yarn bombing.

  5. You're a true comic - at least Mildred is giving you some humor (or maybe we're the ones getting the humor out of it)!

  6. Oh my goodness. Your description of Mildred was fantastic. Thanks for sharing that :)