Monday, September 19, 2011

Ten Reasons I love Autumn Babies

My first Autumn Babe, at age 2

When I first found out that I was expecting yet another autumn baby, I was a little, well, overwhelmed.

Not that it normally matters what time of year a baby is born, they're blessings regardless of their timing.

However, all of our birthdays are in Autumn. Mine, The Mr's, both of our boys, both of our mothers, the Mr's brother...the list really goes on. (and on, and on.)
It's always been a little bit of a challenge to separate one family member's birthday from that of another. And with kids, gift giving is always kind of tricky, because we want to be careful not to blend right in to Christmas!

But as the cool weather is starting to set in, and I'm getting rounder by the day, I'm reminded of why I loved having babies this time of the year. (Aside from Autumn being my favorite season.)

1. Cuddle time is not sweaty time. I love nothing more than snuggling up close with my newborn, and keeping them skin to skin. But as much as I love this, I can't imagine how that might be in, say, August, when the sun is at it's hottest and the humidity levels are through the roof. Same goes for wearing a baby wrap.

2. Festivities. Autumn is loaded with a roller coaster of holidays, keeping families close and spirits high. I can't think of a better way to spend those (often dark) postpartum months than surrounded by close family and friends.

3. Perfect day for a walk. I can take my little one around the block  for some sun, without her getting a sunburn or heat rash, and yet she won't be cold and miserable.

4. Cozy baby sweaters, blankets and hats. All those sweet little knitted outfits and blankets will actually serve a purpose.

5. Comfort food. All the things that sound appealing to eat, either while sick, or right after having a baby, are meals that tend to be on the menu this time of year. Hot cider, Tea, chicken noodle soup, pumpkin pie, baked sweet potatoes...

6. By Spring, my baby will be *ready* to be out and about. I love that we're headed into winter, when the world just sort of shuts down. If you're going to be stuck inside anyway, it might as well be with a new bundle! I don't feel like I'm missing out on too many events this way. After Christmas and New Years...what much happens in the winter? Nada.
And when things DO start happening, my little one will be old enough that I won't worry so much about bringing her into crowds and to outdoor events etc.

7. Household chores are at their lowest. No garden to tend anymore, not grass to cut, no garden to plant, very few fruits and veggies to preserve, no snow to shovel. (I'm hoping!)

8. Fall/winter wardrobe is much friendlier to the postpartum body. I know that it will be almost a year before I have to set foot near a beach.

9. Cold and Flu season: the perfect excuse for not passing my baby around.
Ever go to the mall, or to a restaurant and have a random (well-meaning, I'm sure) old lady come up and insist that they hold your baby?

I have encountered this-multiple times. I've found that during these seasons, somehow the answer of  "I'm worried about them catching a bug" seems to be an acceptable answer, while in the spring and summer, it just doesn't seem to fly.
I also find that if I can kind of keep a blanket over the baby at most times, it tends to deter those baby grabber hands.

(For the record-any reason I provide to any total stranger should be reason enough, and I would not let a stranger hold my baby no matter how hard they tried or insisted. I try to let the sweet little old ladies down gently though.)

10. Nursing.
Nursing with a cover while the baby is still learning doesn't make my head (or the baby's) want to explode like an overheated steam engine.
In warmer weather, sitting under a blanket would be like camping out in a green house!

 By the time the time spring rolls around, the baby is a pro and a cover isn't needed.
(please note that this is MY personal preference. I don't care what other mothers choose to do in regards to covering/not covering.)

To all the other autumn expectant Mamas, enjoy your wee ones!!

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  1. This is a great post! So true. I do not enjoy sweating under a blanket to nurse...hoping I won't have too many more of those with Mira...although she is a total sweat hog even in the cooler weather. Number 8 made me laugh out loud. I'm so happy to have the bulky layers of fall.