Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yarn Along : Picot Bottomed Pee Pee Pants

Joining Ginny again in today's Yarn Along...

I've finally finished up a little project-wee soaker pants. I tried to find a pattern I liked, but they all seemed to be knitted, and alas, I cannot knit. (yet...) And the crochet patterns that I did find all seemed to be really loosely stitched, which sort of defeats the purpose.
So, I took a stab at making up my own. I still have to make a little drawstring of some sort, as these are perfectly square to accommodate those puffy little diapers.
And an added funny bonus, they're self standing!
I know these posts should include what I'm reading, however I haven't done much leisurely reading at all lately. Almost all my reading has been from the boys' homeschooling curriculum. (Which I confess, I rather enjoy...especially the history.) Right now we're starting into Canadian History with "Discover Canada".
I'm trying to get the boys off to a good start in so that we can take a few days off when the little Miss arrives.

I'm in the last stretch of pregnancy and scrambling to get some things done around here. However, I've been told to take it *really* easy at least for another week, until I hit 37 weeks. My midwife is afraid that I'll go early if I move too much. So I've been folding laundry, and organizing boxes etc from the couch...slowly crossing things off my list. 
Luckily, I have the sweetest mother and sister in the world who have come over to help me on several occasions and do the things that I'm not supposed to be doing. (Painting, carrying laundry and boxes etc-since we had to completely empty our baby room-it was our storage unit!)

Last week I made this baby sling (sewing is a sitting activity, thank goodness!!) I may post a tutorial on it soon. I love the way it fits and holds a position snugly. I even tried it out with my 3 year old niece. She thought it was pretty funny to be put in a baby sling, but cooperated for the sake of my experiment. I told her it was for the baby, and she happily obliged.
I've just started on this sweet little baby blanket in a really yummy strawberry colour. I really don't think that I'll get this done before the big day, but I'm quite OK with that. It's just going to be something to do when I *have* to be sitting...and maybe something I'll pick up now and then after the baby is born as we're cuddling. I can't wait for all those sweet snuggles!


  1. loved the colors on the pants.
    good luck in taking it easy and the arrival of the new addition
    God Bless

  2. You're a crafty lady. I love how those pants stand up, lol!!
    Congrats on the baby coming soon, I guess any day now, right? Or maybe a few more weeks. I hope you have a wonderful birth experience.

  3. Those pants are fun! I've only seen knitted pants too, good job on making up your pattern. Good luck on the new addition!

  4. What sweet little pants! Your new little one may be a real trendsetter!

  5. Ooo, love the sweet strawberry colour and those pants are terrific. You can't find much in the way of self-standing pants these days... ;)

  6. Oh I love that pink colour - and those soakers are so sweet. How nice to be making little girly things - hope it all goes well. x