Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny today in the weekly Yarn Along...

I've finally finished the little grey picot sweater for my niece.
I actually finished this up a couple of weeks ago, but didn't add the buttons until last night. I had to add something pink to it, so that she'll actually wear it! (She's rather choosy about her outfits, you see...) I also made a little hat to go with it. She won't be getting this until Christmas, but I'll be sure to take a picture of her in it when she finally gets it.

I've gotten a little further on the baby blanket-I love that this has such a simple pattern, so I can take it anywhere and pick it up where I left off without looking at the instructions-until I get to the border that is.

 I've been taking this blanket along with me everywhere to keep my hands busy.

To the midwife's office, the hospital when I visit my sweet itty bitty niece and nephew (who are doing fabulous, by the way, and are no longer so itty-bitty) and even to church.
I've mixed the pattern up a little, and I'm using two different shades of pink, just for kicks.

I finally found a book of my own to read.

Aside from the boys' homeschooling books that is. As fun as they are, I need a break from Daniel Boone, William Tell, and every other macho historical hero!

I'm a good chunk into "the Help" and have fallen in love with it. I adore the way that it's written from the different perspectives of each character, and that it's written in the way that they would actually speak.

Unfortunately though, having always struggled to fight my already "southern" accent, I find that after reading a chapter or two my accent starts to come back.
The boys pointed it out this afternoon, I hadn't really noticed. Zeke asked if I had been speaking with relatives back home on the phone. It comes out after those long phone calls sometimes, I just can't help it.

I'm loving the book so much that I'm afraid I'll now be disappointed with the movie!


  1. Ooh - that is so pretty. I love the two tone effect - gives it a nice effect. I keep seeing this book everywhere in blog land.
    Hope you are keeping well these days - getting exciting. xx

  2. Oh your post is just too funny! I love that reading The Help makes your Southern accent reappear! :) The same sort of thing happens to my husband who also happens to be from the South. We tease him about it but it really is kind of cute.

    The little outfit is so sweet and I love the two toned pink in your baby blanket.

  3. Your sweater set is adorable! I read The Help....and enjoyed it....but I haven't seen the movie...yet. ;)

  4. i'm so glad your enjoying the simple pattern. and i like the two tones of pink as well. it is looking so pretty!


  5. i'm so glad you are enjoying the simple pattern. the two tones of pink look so pretty. it will be done before you know it!

    i also have to say that i love the little horse painting on your boys' blog.

  6. Stopping in from Ginny's yarn along. That hat and sweater are so cute! Pink is one of my favorite colors. I love the two tone look.

  7. Thanks Gals!
    Rayn, I LOVE the blanket pattern, thanks so much for sharing it! Oh, and i'll be sure to tell the boys that you like their painting;)
    I can't even remember who's is whos at this point...they paint so many!! And theyr'e really stuck on horses lately...

  8. How sweet is that grey outfit! I love the double pink of your blanket...can't wait to see your little princess snuggled up in it!!! Yikes, getting close!

    I so want to hear your southern accent. I wanted to start to talking with an accent after reading the first few chapters and I don't have a natural inclination.

  9. I thought the movie was much better. I didn't really like the book...