Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cook Along, Yarn Along and a Giveaway!

Joining Ginny this week in another Yarn Along...

This week I haven't gotten a lot done, knitting wise. I've crocheted quite a bit, but I'm not quite ready to share that wacky project just yet.

pssst. There's felting involved.

I did, however, start on a tiny pair of mittens for Lotte with some of the leftover wool from her little leg warmers.
I'm making them without thumbs, since hers are so small. And anyone who's ever wrestled with a baby to get their thumbs in the thumb holes KNOWS how stupid thumbs are on baby mittens. (wow, that's a lot of "thumbs" for one sentence, isn't it?!)
Also, I don't know how to make thumbs yet (soon, soon...) so this is the perfect project. It also will give me practice with the kitchener stitch. I know I don't have to finish the tops this way, but I'd rather mess up the top of this tiny mitten than a whole sock. And socks are something I'd like to try soon!
Add it to the list, right?

I'm finally seeing the joy in double pointed needles for tiny projects. I started this one off  magic looping with a circular needle, but because it's so small i was spending more time pulling the cable through than actually knitting. I'm still not sure that I'd like to do this with a hat, but we'll see.

I haven't found a good book yet to dive into this week, but I have been thumbing smirk through some really good cook books that we checked out of the library last week.
I really like
"the family dinner" , and I find it encouraging that there are others who find importance in preparing meals as a family, as well as sitting down together each evening.
It would be a really good book for those who are starting to cook with really young children and aren't sure where to start. There are some really good meal theme ideas too!

OOOhhh yes, and now the Giveaway!

For those who don't know, I'm also an illustrator and have a couple of etsy shops, and one of them is a rubber stamp shop.
I have a new stamp that i'm going to list this week, but I thought that I would give a couple away this week just for fun. And I can't think of a better group of gals for this stamp!

To participate, simply post a comment. For double your chances, follow my blog and post a comment to let me know you're following. Easy peasy!
Miss Lotte will draw a name at random, on January 24th at 4 pm. I'll announce the two winners at next week's yarn along.

Good luck!!


  1. I totally agree with the thumbs and newborns. Love the stamp, hope I win : ) Thanks for sharing. Tricia crunchycatholicmomma.blogspot

  2. Oh Corrie, the stamp!!! I love it! I've been meaning to do a post to show my special stamp off. :)

    I use this tutorial every time I do a kitchener stitch - http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer04/FEATtheresasum04.html because I always get it mixed up.

    I love the cover of The Family Dinner. I'll have to see if our library has it.

  3. oooh, thanks for the tutorial! I found a youtube video but it's a little confusing. Maybe this tutorial will make more sense.

  4. Ooh that's cute. I'm a follower already! :)

  5. Oh how great. Love that stamp, I'm always looking for a creative way to "label" my handmades.

  6. Following now as well, I'm excited!

  7. *laughs at the number of times you typed "thumbs"* I can see why you would omit the thumbs, sounds like too much trouble for baby mittens!

    Kitchener stitch is easy once you get into the rhythm of it, although my first and last stitches are never quite perfect!

  8. Love the colour wool you're using for Lotte's mittens ♥ and the stamp is fabulous!!

  9. baby mitts! how cute! i love the name lotte, so adorable. and the stamp. oh my. :)

  10. Ohh I love your artwork :) haven't bought your stamps yet this might be good incentive :)

  11. Ima blog follower now.
    And I just browsed your your etsy store. I searched high and low for a mermaid stamp for my daughters bday invites and couldn't find a one, now 2 days before there it is! Rats. :)

  12. Strange, the mermaid is there. Ive just put her on the front page of my shop though so she's easier to find:)

  13. Cute stamp!

    Thumbs aren't hard, but I agree that they're superfluous on baby mittens.

  14. Love the purple yarn!! It's one of my favorite colors :)

  15. Please let us know how the Family Dinners cook book is - I've really been trying to get our family eating together each night and would love some inspiration.

    Huh. I really wanted to work the word 'thumb' into my comment, but I can't think of how. Hmmm...

  16. I'm following your blog now too. :) Thumbs up! (Yay! I did it!)

  17. Love that stamp! I'm heading to your shop now, but am hoping you have something for crochet too. :-)