Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Toby Update

My Dad just phoned to tell me that Toby is out of surgery and in recovery. All went as planned, so now we just wait, and hope the shunt works as it's supposed to.

The doctor who performed the surgery has implanted a LOT of these though, so I think Toby is in good hands.

Also,  thankfully, Toby was able to stay healthy leading up to the surgery, and slept through his fasting period beforehand, which was a blessing. We all know how difficult it is for a baby to handle hunger!

Thank you to everyone who has had Toby in their prayers! 


  1. Thank you for keeping us updated - and a speedy recovery for little Toby!

  2. How is baby Toby? God bless him and your family,

    Mary Gulledge

  3. Replies
    1. He's doing really well and seems to be recovering quickly. He's extra cranky, partially as a side effect to the gas that they used during the surgery, and some because he's still a bit sore, and also because he's always been a wee bit pathetic ;).
      We know that the drain is working, because he now has a slightly concave soft spot on his head, (like a regular baby) which is something he has never had. His has always been bulging out slightly.
      Thanks so much for continuing to pray for him!