Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Wonders

The weekend always seems like a bit of a blur for our family. We try to coordinate plans with my sisters and parents as best as we can, and everything usually ends up turning into a bit of a gong show.

Let's just say that our plans, or lack there of, snowball and get messy.
Looking back though, no matter how crazy things felt in the moment, I'm glad that we did them.
Otherwise we wouldn't have had a family weekend of :

Breakfast together at favorite local mom & pop's,
a weekend of flirty babies,
sleeping babies,
tea and knitting enjoyed together,
and two  family dinners that were a 'stone soup' sort of joint effort.

I see how blessed we are to have eachother. or as my boys used to say when they were wee..."ourchudders".


  1. Oh you are so blessed to be so near your family. That photo with the two babes kills me. Is that Toby in the foreground? Cute!

  2. This is precious. You're so right... it doesn't really matter if the plans are perfect or if there even ARE plans - I amazed you guys can pull it together with all the babies you have going on these days!!! ;) Glad you had a good one. xo. Cass

  3. Ha, yes, the foreground baby is Toby. He's the big flirt!