Monday, November 12, 2012


our weekend was spent completely (involuntary) in the comfort (?) of our own home.
the local flu hit us like a ton of bricks 
that brief but intense form of flu that leaves you wondering what's real and what's not
the "i don't remember how to knit, or even write my own name" type of flu
first me, then the boys
the littlest has been spared thus far, and i'm more than alright with that.
mark made sure that we were all well looked after with gingerale and dry toast
we had such lofty plans for this weekend, some of them recreational, 
like a birthday dinner for mark's brother
with my mother in law's amazing homemade lasagna
i'm really sad to have missed that

but then some of our plans were more necessary errands...
that really needed to be completed
like getting some fresh produce into this house
and babies can have their one year portrait taken at thirteen months, right? 
will her great grandchildren who one day admire her sweet baby portrait ever know the difference?

church was also missed which also throws our whole week off balance
throws me into some form of infinity loop
and makes me wander through the week as if dreaming
searching for a 'reset' button of some form

sunday afternoon the temperature rose to golden warm
the nausea began to slow, and the windows were all opened
there was a short, but much needed trip outdoors
into the freshness
and then back inside
where i finally got to admire and play with some of my recently thrifted yarn
tidy up a bit (goodness knows we needed it)
and then to curl up together as a family
and watch a movie 
only to discover, shortly after...

it's mark's turn
time to get some more gingerale!


  1. oh no! Not the flu! It sounds like it went swiftly through the house, but still it's not fun while it's in the house. Glad you are all feeling better. And yes a 13 month old photo is just as good as a one year old, why not?

  2. not fun. so sorry to hear you guys were under the weather and of course i always wonder, why must it always be on the weekend? why?

  3. Yuck, I hate this find of flu, but it's part of being human I have decided. Like you, I also hate missing week is just not the same without that peace and spiritual lift. Hope you are all much better very soon.