Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yarn Along

With the race being on to finish some Christmas knitting, I have several projects on the go right now. Some have only been cast on, some are a couple rows in. 
I like to have a few different types of projects going on so I can knit them depending on where I am- the ones that are less portable, or require the most attention I keep at home, but others I take with me in the car, or to waiting rooms and other similar places.

I cast on this lace cowl (a gift) about a week ago with the intention of it being the "keep at home" project. I'd never knit lace anything before so I thought it would require some more devoted attention. As it turns out though, the repeated lace pattern this cowl calls for is incredibly easy to memorize, and it's been easy to pick up and bring with me various places.

The only thing that's been a bit of a challenge is purling the yarn overs with these needles. I love my wood interchangeable circulars, but the tips just aren't quite pointy enough for lace.

Say what? Could it be true? Could I need more needles?
I've actually got it sort of figured out a way to make it work in an unconventional sort of way that seems to be doing the job thus far. And I don't know if I really want to go buy lace needles if I'm not sure i'll be knitting more lace. 

This is a fun cowl, but it's a gift. I don't know if lace is my thing. Who knows, maybe i'll fall in love with it, we'll see. I also said a while ago that I didn't have much interest in learning to spin etc, but.. opinions on that have changed.

Also, I've never blocked lace, so i'm counting on blocking to work every bit of it's supposed magic to make this cowl look like more than just a clump of yarn. I see the pattern in there, but it doesn't look like 'lace' yet. 
I'm really hoping it turns out though, because I used one of my favorite yarns for this one.

My reading has been curtailed significantly this week. I was partially through several good books this week (including the Yarn Harlot) when my ereader decided to retire young and move to Hawaii. I'm not entirely sure what happened to make it's screen turn into what looks like a 1984 "Etch-a-Sketch", but until I replace it, I can't finish those books. So sad.

Instead I've been listening to a lot more of a prairie home companion and some pod casts while I knit late at night. I'm enjoying some of the Knit Picks pot casts especially, they're full of good ideas and tips.


  1. I also have several projects going on at once depending on my attention needs. Your lace knitting is just beautiful.
    I think I have purchases some of your beautiful stamps as well.

  2. ok, so the cowl is lovely, such an amazing color. :)

  3. I love podcasts. There are so many of them now. Lace amazes me - it looks like a ball of yuck and then blocks out beautifully. If you plan on knitting more of it, the needles make all the difference in the world.

  4. oh no, how sad that your ereader is sick :( I've never bought "lace" needles, I just knit with metal ones the pointer the better. However it's fun to think about buying more needles, isn't it? Love shade of blue!!!

  5. Finish Christmas knitting? I can only just manage to think about beginning it :D

  6. I have a set of lace Turbo needles and I must say that they do make a difference in picking up the yarn, I love mine.
    I have different projects all over the house to work on depending on my mood, one can never have too much knitting!

  7. I'm knitting a lace cowl right now, too! It is also my first attempt at lace, and is also highly portable. I'm knitting it on a set of metal interchangeable circulars that I've had forever, but I've been dreaming of getting a wooden set. Other than the lace troubles, how do you like them? Your cowl looks great, by the way!

  8. I haven't even started Christmas knitting yet this year. Think I might need something faster like sewing to get it all done in time this year. I found a few little toys to knit for my smaller kids, but that might be it. I love the color of that blue yarn.

  9. your cowl is so so pretty, and blocking will open it up, that's the best part. i do use almost only lace needles for everything, they are perfect for all kinds of knitting, maybe just buy a single pair to try them out?