Monday, November 19, 2012


our weekend started with a slower saturday
breakfast out with church ladies at a new local restaurant that serves breakfast all day long
afternoon visit with the new babies 

who smell more amazing each time I sniff them
home to my own babies for lots of cuddles and snuggles and a movie night
high hopes of some uninterrupted illustration time

i'm a bit behind
grand mal household failure as our water intake began to leak
cleaned up, taken care of

and half an hour later our furnace sputtered sounds of death and dispair
space heaters rounded up and hauled in, blankets unfolded, socks doubled
furnace part ordered
the next 3-5 days will be furnace free, luckily we aren't in the heart of winter yet
need to find things to bake each day to keep the kitchen warm

I don't think we could (or even should) eat that much bread

I've been meaning to share this video of these talented girlies for a little while now-m
y nearly photo-free weekend (gasp) calls for perfect opportunity. enjoy!

playing along with amanda in ::weekending::


  1. my weekend was practically photo free too, hence the blog photo i reused from instagram. too busy focusing on the other stuff.

    so sorry to hear about the water and of course the furnace - no fun! but yay for small blessings and the fact it is autumn and not winter.

  2. Oh my losing heat is not fun (had no elec for three days). I hope it gets fixed soon. I agree that babies do smell divine!!