Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Snippets

Warm, humid breeze
...followed by rain showers
on a garden full of promise
evening songs sung by cicadas
a little road trip with Papaw Jake
a few rows in on a frustrating knitting project with a pattern full of errors
but it was all ok because there was fresh strawberry juice on ice
and stacks of cucumbers layered with dill 
bluegrass and blues for background music
played by our very own talented Zeke
an evening at the kitchen table, 
of doodling lots and lots of babies with a little certain someone
she made me draw the whole family
and then scribbled over each and every person
a late night of laundry duty
sunday morning church service
a quick trip (say what??) into my new favorite, local yarn store
a picnic of bruchetta sandwiches at the park with Mamaw & Papaw Willie
laying on blankets in the grass
while listening to a local band who rocked it
new dancing partners
snuggles with the newest family member...and kissing her chubby cheeks
lighting bugs on the walk home
a tall glass of good ol' Kansas style iced tea (there's no taste like home?)
while flipping through a fun magazine
tired bodies into bed.
* * *

joining Amanda in Weekending


  1. that sounds like a lovely weekend (except for the knitting pattern, how frustrating!)

  2. sounds like a wonderful weekend! music, lightning bugs, and iced tea for the win!