Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Snippets

we had a one photo kind of weekend
involving a lot of work and not much play
we had to do grown up things like

:buy food to feed our hungry hungry hippos:
:get stuck in traffic for an insanely long time at the canadian/u.s.a border:
 I'm glad I brought my knitting as we were stuck long enough to knit two whole toddler sleeves
:bedroom rearranging:
:repeated crayon removal from lotte's mouth:
:policing squabbles between two siblings:
:there was mixing of peroxide and baking soda, and cleaning all the things:
but it wasn't completely without adventure

there was a gutsy salamander who escaped and was roaming the bedroom
poor georgina didn't last very long out of her tank
there was a toddler who figured out how to spray the garden hose at her mommy and daddy
when they least suspected, of course
on the jet setting
and she didn't give it up very easily when asked
there were samosas and iced tea
sunday night live music in the park
evening picnicking with friends and their littles, who all danced together to the music
and of course little Evie who is dutifully and deliciously fat
who just laid there as the picnic center piece, enjoying the  commotion around her

Weekending along with Amanda


  1. she is a precious centerpiece!

    sounds like a lot of loveliness, even the knitting - a busy mama has to sneak it in when and where she can!

  2. live music in the park and a picnic... wonderful way to end a busy weekend.

  3. When we went to visit my inlaws in Canada in may we waited 1.5 hours! I was grateful that no one needed a bathroom!! Lovely weekend!!

    1. We don't normally have to wait that long, but it does happen from time to time! Totally not fun if you have to go to the bathroom!