Thursday, August 15, 2013

When the Kettle Drum Player Stole My Noro

I had a terrible dream last night that I went to see a rather disappointing musical called "Wake up, Sally".
The cast seemed completely unaware that the performance was embarrassingly awful and the play included house pets that didn't want to be included.
But all was not lost, for I could still knit while I watched this catastrophic event unfold.

My act of knitting, however, was met with looks of disgust from people around me and in a panic of guilt I decided to tuck my knitting away.
My bag slipped though and to my absolute horror, somehow my whole ball of yarn, project, and two sets of circular needles rolled right into the orchestra pit.
I anxiously waited for three more excruciatingly painful hours before I could get my knitting back.

After the show I went down to get my mess, and it was gone! So I quickly went to the lost and found desk, where smirky bell hop (remember, I was dreaming) handed me two carefully coiled sets of circulars, ..put into a makeshift cardboard sleeves.
Something or someone had taken the needles out of my project, and had kept it and the rest of my precious Noro Kureyon wool! And it was colourway no. 319 to be exact-a colour that had to be brought from Florida by a friend who vacationed there..because its no longer available here!

I asked  Mr. Bell Hop where my knitting and the rest of my wool had gone.... and he spat:

"I don't know. BUT, you should know, kettle drum players like Noro too!"

I pouted the whole way home and wondered how I'd get some more Noro in that colour again without having to make a special trip to Florida. Or worst yet, how I could convince the Mr. to drive to Florida, for wool.

The End

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