Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes.... {yarn along}

Joining Ginny again in this weeks Yarn Along.
I have so many projects on the go right now; it truly is ridiculous how bad my crafter's ADD gets this time of year. Really, I should know by now that I shouldn't start more than one thing at a time. Alas, I just can't seem to help myself!

Last week, Anneliese posted some the pattern for these gorgeous rustic looking snowflakes crocheted from twine, and as soon as I saw them, I just knew that I would have to try making a miniature version of these with my pepperminty baker's twine.
I'm obsessed with this silly string and use it for all sorts of projects, and I've been dying to crochet something out of it for a long time, and this gave me the final shove.

I love the way that they turned out and hopefully will be able to squeeze in a few more for gift toppers! They're a little tiring on the eyes after a while, tiny stitches with stripey string...but these were worth it.

I've also finally finished Lotte's little leggings. I still have to weave in the tails, but they're finished and fit her pudgy little legs perfectly. They're actually a little long, and a wee bit baggy, which is good, I want her to fit these for a little while!

I still have one gift to complete for Christmas-which I've just started a couple of days ago {slap on the wrists!}
I can't wait to finish it up though, because I have 4 other projects in line that I can't wait to try!


  1. Your snowflakes are lovely - I love your wool! And what cute lil legs in cute little leggings :-)

  2. Oh oh oh! I saw those snowflakes and sooooo want to try them. And they are wonderful in the baker's twine!

    And those baby legs! Those sweet baby legs. Oh, and Lotte - Mira's still got you beat on the pudge. Her first set of leg warmers would work as wrist bands for her now. ;)

    P.S. The baker's twine you sent with my super duper surprise is now hanging a snowman ornament. It definitely had to be reused - Shawna repurposed it (yes, that was Shawna). :)

  3. Great projects. I really like the snow flakes, excellent colour choice. And those leg warmers couldn't be any more cute!

  4. Love pudgy baby legs! the legwarmers are cute!

    Awesome snowflakes!

  5. Lovely little leggies :) And the peppermint twine is cool. I admit, no string-like substance is safe in my house because I will try it out ;) (Or my kids will) :)

  6. The leggings are so pretty...looks like she'll have room to grow into them and wear them next year, too! I love those snowflakes...beautiful red and white yarn reminds me of the string used to tie up brown paper packages.

  7. Those snowflakes are so pretty. I may try those next year. Also love the legwarmers. Stopping in from Ginny's Have a Merry Christmas!

  8. The snowflakes are awesome! Lovin' those cubby legs!

  9. I know everyone is saying it, but I LOVE the snowflakes! Where can I get the twine you used?
    The Beauty of Eclecticism

  10. Thanks guys! JNCL,I bought mine several years ago wholesale (like 20,000 yards) on one massive spool. I think I got it on ebay for around $16 US.
    I have seen it in much smaller batches at craft stores like michaels and joanne...but it's pretty expensive that way.
    Here's a listing similar to what I purchased-

    If you look around ebay, there are a lot of mixed colour options too if you just want a little bit of different colours.

  11. I love the snowflakes in baker's twine! and those leggins are adorable! Thanks for letting me know about your post.