Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lotte's Lavender Leggies {Yarn Along}

Joining Ginny again this week for a yarn along.

I have a lot of different projects on the go right now, but this is the one that I'm trying to finish up first. Because there are two involved, I'm terrified that now that I have one little leg warmer done that I'll never finish the other!

This is my first time knitting something on a circular needle, and I'm actually really enjoying it! My stitches are a little inconsistent in tension, and seem to be going slightly diagonal. I'm not sure what I was doing to cause it in the first leg warmer, but the second one isn't near as bad. (Any ideas, Rachel?)

Of course, when I'm finished the second one, it will look better than the first, and I'll want to take apart the first and do it over again.
I shall do my best to resist that temptation.
I was using scraps from a pile of gifted wool (see bottom picture!) and didn't have enough of the first shade of  purple to do two legwarmers, so I switched to a slightly darker purple half way down. I might play up the two tone with some applique afterwards, we'll see.

I haven't been able to do a lot of my own reading lately, but I've been reading "the Magicians Nephew" to the boys. I had forgotten how exciting these books were, I hadn't read them in a long time. I'm glad that the boys find them just as exciting as I did though, and beg for more.

This insane pile of yarn was given to me...I have no idea what to do with it all. Some of it's wool, and some of it is acrylic. I'll definitely keep the wool, but might donate a good portion of the acrylic to a senior centre or something similar. I'll never be able to use that much!


  1. I have leggies for my girls on my knit list. I like the two tone look of your project. A little applique would be pretty too.

  2. Very cute and love the colors! I also have leggings in my queue, but heaven knows if I'll get them done by Christmas ;).

  3. I love when my kiddos beg for more chapters to be read. I often don't want to stop either. I find it easier to deal with pairs of things if I knit two at a time on two circulars. It sounds crazy, but it moves very quickly.

  4. cute legwarmers - the purple is pretty

  5. circular needles scare me! You seem to be hanging int here though. I love the leggings.

  6. Ack, I never answered you. But I'm stumped...diagonal? I'm just gonna say you have serious talents. And I'm sooooo wanting to knit those leggings. Mira's thighs need some wool (they don't fit in pants, ahem).
    So glad you're having fun with The Magician's Nephew. I was listening to A Horse and His Boy and couple weeks ago - love it!
    Have fun with that pile of yarn!