Monday, December 12, 2011

Fort Wet Willies

While the little miss and I have been warm inside the house, the Men-folk around here have been busy outdoors with a project that has been dreamt about now 
for a long while.

"Plans" were drawn....

Materials were gathered...

Token awesome trap door installed in the floor....

Only a  few finishing touches left to be done, like paint, windows, doors, a tire swing etc.
I'm very proud of the Men folk around here for working together to build such an awesome fort!


  1. Well done, Men-folk! Want to come build one my way?

  2. That looks so awesome, Corrie! We should come visit... the kids would love that! Audrey was telling me that Ruben and Zeke were in her Sunday School class today... haha... she's on a bit of a story telling kick. It was still cute though. xo Cass