Monday, July 16, 2012


Our weekend was full of warmth and sun
Running through a sprinkler
Some rain, and some hail
Goofy boys with even goofier jokes
reorganizing of closets
purging of unused and outgrown clothing
a morning of music at church
a birthday celebration for my youngest sister
a family gathering 
Chicken souvlaki
Ice cream and Oreo caramel cake
Muddy knees and dirty toes
Back yard bathing babies
giggles and cuddles under fresh bed sheets with silly bedtime stories.
(G.I. Joe was, of course, the main character.)

Hope you've all had a terrific weekend.


  1. first, the baby pudge. melts me all the way down to my core. love it.

    and fresh sheets...there is nothing like ending a summer day sandwiched between freshly cleaned sheets. perfection.

  2. Love running through the sprinkler. Sounds like the perfect weekend. :)

  3. sounds like relaxed fun, and even some productive stuff too!

  4. I love the way you have your spinach "caged" in. I assume that is to protect it from the rabbits and others that might enjoy it. Sounds like a nice weekend. Your boys are so cute! Have a great week.

    1. My Mom's spinach-and yes, the squirrels in her neighborhood are shameless. (her neighbors feed them, so they're always lurking.)
      They'll destroy anything they can get their tiny little hands on.

  5. hail? Wow it must have been some kind of storm. Love the baby :) Your weekend sounds so summery!!