Monday, July 23, 2012


This weekend was...

homemade strawberry Jam
a trip to the farmers market
a baby asleep on my chest, drool down my arm
sunny laundry hanging out on the clothesline
a warm night with the windows open 
washing dishes while listening to the voice of Garrison Keillor on a prairie home companion
flashbacks of my dad singing "powdered milk biscuits" to me when I was little, while he listened to the same 
brazilian limeade 
lazing about in the grass under the shade of a good maple tree
sorting odd socks
the beginning of a
new knitting project
summery dilled potatoes with sour cream
ridiculously simple but hilarious jokes : where did the king keep his armies? In his sleevies!!
an eviction of some unwelcome porch guests
listening to some soft, gentle lullabyes by Renee & Jeremy
a bit of thrift store Christmas shopping...we do that a little early around here because we have a large family-our extended family has made a pact to buy used for the kids, which is more fun anyway!
a baby giggling on the back porch in her swing, watching the rain
a terrific thunderstorm and rain that fell for hours, leaving the thirsty soil renewed and a beautiful shine on all that it touched 

Joining Amanda in weekending


  1. Thanks for sharing...this sounds like a perfect weekend...the washing looks so high in the sky...

    There's no image on your knitting project...I hope you share at some point. I love your Christmas gift shopping pact and that you listened to music that brought back nostalgic memories.

    I hope the rest of the week is as full...

    1. I plan on adding an image to that soon!! Once I have more than a tiny tail done:)
      The clothesline is pretty high... we have it on a pulley system off of the back deck. Just put it on the line from the porch and wheel it up and out as we go!

  2. What a beautiful project, love the idea of rain rain rain, all mixed with PHC?? You really did have a wonderful weekend!

  3. beautiful berries! so sad our season has long been gone. your weekend sounds lovely - especially the thunderstorm and subsequent rain. there is nothing like it to slow you down, relax.

    a prairie home companion fan too? girl crush!

  4. Love your new knitting project!! I love to cast on a new project-your weekend sounds great!

  5. Beautiful photos! Your weekend sounds lovely... I feel like I could sit and have tea on your porch with you and the kids could play together and splash in the puddles from the rain!! Have an awesome week.

  6. Corrie!!! These photos are amazing! That sweet, sweet boy.

    1. Garsh, thanks! Zeker IS pretty sweet. He's my soft boy.