Monday, August 13, 2012


This weekend was: 

the celebration of a 1 year mile stone for my sweet little niece and nephew I can't believe how far they've come
yummy birthday cupcakes
More rain, this time without the thunder
a trip to the asian grocery store that turned out to be a bit of an adventure
we were chased to our car by a somewhat psychotic, screaming employee for bringing the cart out of the store. apparently that's a no-no. who would have thought?
snuggles with a sweaty little girl and two even sweatier little boys
a really late night supper of homemade pad thai that was well worth the trip to the militant grocery store
folding of laundry this never ends, does it?
church with family, followed by even more birthday cake for my brother in law
some thrift store finds
watching the closing ceremony of the olympics while we made supper, and wondering how queen was still really queen without freddie
this debate inspired a few impersonations
which then led to drawing goofy faces on bananas 
the bananas were the tiny kinds, but taste like chalk-at least they're good for doodling
supper outside in the back yard at dusk
an evening family walk before bedtime- I think we'll be doing this more often.


  1. depending upon the season, we love our morning/evening walk. a great way to welcome the day or send it off :)

    and lots of cake for you this weekend. i'm officially jealous!

  2. the laundry never does end but when the move out it is back to a few loads a week :) LOVE the banana

  3. what sweeties. sounds like a nice weekend.
    i missed the opening and closing ceremonies....