Monday, August 27, 2012


writing this post whilst under sleeping babe
the sleeping babe who seems to be nocturnal
this weekend was void of stretches of slumber greater than one hour
but there are 2 new teeth coming through, so hopefully this passes
an evening coffee house and open mic night 
where zeke played "here comes the sun", beautifully
a campfire, complete with marshmallows and hot dogs
a bit of reading from this
book that a friend passed on at our knitting night last week
-short stories that warm my heart, just what i needed

lemon poppy seed loaf with way too many poppy seeds
the bag spilled right into the batter
which is a good thing if you ask my mom
a few inches of stockinette stitch on charlotte's lovey dovey
some pattern hunting for an idea of what to do with some new wool

a wedding celebration with childhood friends
washing and stemming and canning bushels of tomatoes
that's right, i don't bother skinning them
lotte helped squeeze the tomatoes for me
she thought that to be a very important step to the whole process
church with family
feeling my sister's babies kick
learning that they might be coming sooner than we thought
a bit of shopping for shirts that don't have baby stains on them
working up the nerve to wear one around the baby, ever
some back to school shopping
a purchase of 120 cahiers at 5 cents a piece
no, they aren't all for our family
a tiny leap of joy in my heart that my kids aren't actually going anywhere 
but will be continuing to learn at home and outside like they always do
watching mark and the boys build a little seat in our tree so they can pretend to hunt
with their bows and (rubber ended)arrows
a strange neighbor who really did think that the boys were going to hunt (and kill?) his cats
and who was angry that the boys now had a seat in our tree

because they would now be up there even more than they were before
and he doesn't really like children
especially children who do things like climb trees
trees that overlook a tiny portion of said neighbor's yard
because someone has to be the antagonist, I suppose
we told the nice (embarrassed) policeman that no, there is no real hunting happening
he showed up right as we were headed out to church

it was all very tom and huck
but now I want to send them up the tree with a kazoo and a trumpet

because I can


  1. Haha, you and your crazy neighbours! Well I'm glad your boys know how to have fun - in spite of meddlesome neighbours.
    How did you find the cahiers!? I got over charged when I picked some up (but Dan checked out so I didn't catch it...grrrr).
    I want to come spend a weekend in your house!

  2. Oh dear, sounds like you have a very sad neighbor. What a shame that he has forgotten what it's like to be a young boy. Wish you were closer, my Mike loves to take the young ones hunting and teaching them about wildlife management.
    I had to look up cahiers to see what you were talking about, that is a new word for me.
    Enjoy your canning. Having a supply of tomatoes on hand is a must yes? :)

    1. The boys LOVE going out hunting and exploring with their older cousins. In the city there aren't a lot of opportunities for things like that, but they still pretend. We're on an alley that is pretty "naturalized" and their safe haven. I need to get these boys out of the city:(
      Haha, yes, Cahier is a french term, but I sort of forgot that it's only used around these parts. I guess the english translation would be...journal?
      In school kids use them for writing exercises and daily journals etc.
      I think we'll use them for spelling and unit studies.

  3. I am wondering why didn't the neighbor just ask directly? Silly! Hunting for patterns is a rabbit hole that leads to nowhere and everywhere all at once ;)

  4. What a shame about your neighbour....
    So sorry to hear that you didn't get much sleep this past weekend. It makes the rest of the day so much harder.
    Thanks for sharing with us Corabelle.
    Ronnie xo

  5. too bad the neighbor does not decide to enjoy life and have fun watching kids being creative for a change...