Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yarn Along

I'm happy to have finally re-cast on the Lovey Dovey- I had to frog the last one because it was running way too large. 
The pattern suggests a size 10 needles, but I brought it down to a size 6 needle, and now it looks to be about the right size for an 18 month old. (Although, i'm following the pattern for a 9-12 month old).
I don't think I have terribly loose stitches or anything, and I don't normally have things turn out so swimmingly large. So i'm convinced that it's not just me. 
Also, Cordelia mentioned to me that she had the same problem wit hers, so I don't feel so bad now.
I'm finished that somewhat tricky (to me) hem and i'm on to the stockinette stitch for the next 8 or so inches up. Easy peasy portable knitting, the kind that I like to take with me everywhere, and easy to do while watching baby.
Someday i'll have time for learning trickier stitches...I keep telling myself this.

I haven't been reading much lately, I do want to dive right into a good book, more than anything. 
However, our littlest has been a few cute dimples short of horrid at night for the last while- And she's not much for napping.
It's getting better, slowly. 
Once I start getting a couple hours in the evening I'll be able to start reading a real book again.

In the meantime, I've started jotting down my evening  ideas, thoughts and prayers again. (I don't know why my best creative thinking comes to me late at night, but it always has.)

I used to do this all the time-in fact it was a crucial process I had to go through in order to fall asleep. I felt like I couldn't go to sleep until some of it was on paper. 
Sometimes in the morning, it looks ridiculous because it was written in the dark, or because the idea or thought that I had was written with only half my wits present.

I've been having some anxiety lately though, some baby related, some just me, and as if that doesn't make sleeping hard enough, I also have just been laying awake even when babe is sleeping because I feel like she's going to wake up at any second and i'll have to get up and go put her back to bed.
I have a hard time relaxing enough to fall into slumber and spilling thoughts out on paper has been therapeutic.


  1. Oh, I hear you about the tough nights. My 4-month-old is switching up her night time routine and some days she sleeps longer than her accustomed 2-hour naps. I'll still wake up and just lay there waiting for her to need me, but then it's hours and I could have been sleeping all that time.
    I love the color of your sweet little dress!

  2. i am going to have to try this pattern, lovely colorway. we are homeschoolers in northern toronto, so hello neighbor(ish)!

  3. I am same, I always keep a pen and journal next to my bed - it just doesn't work much for me anywhere else. I hope you'll be able to relax and let go a bit..

  4. well that lovey dovey is going to be really nice. i love those colors!
    ahhh, the mystery's of sleep. i have had those nights as well, laying there awake, waiting for them to wake up only they didn't, they just kept sleeping.

  5. Oh that pattern is so stinkin' cute!

  6. I am more creative in the morning. My anxiety comes and goes depending on what is on my mind. I try to plan activities in my head-like I am going to knit this and when this project is completed I will revisit what I am worrying about. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Caring for a baby can be stressful so eat right and try to get your rest when you can and go with the flow as best as you can!! Oh and I love your knitting!! Good thing you dropped the needles size it looks great.

  7. Sounds like you have found just the right solution to the lovey dovey pattern and I am looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.
    I find that writing things down helps my stress level remain under control. I keep a journal that I write in daily and it really does help. I do hope you get some reat and remember to laugh every day, it's a huge help too.

  8. I am always like that with my babies, I get the anxiety knots and the sleeplessness when they sleep.
    I hope that your little one will start napping and sleeping a little better this week so you can catch up on some rest :)

    I heard a lot of people say the lovey dovey pattern knits up extra big.
    It is such a pretty pattern though, hope this one ends up just the right size :)