Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{yarn along}

After putting in a few rows bit by by, I'm a few inches further on the Lovey Dovey, almost to the point where I get to start adding the top. I'm excited that it's looking to be much closer to Lotte's actual size than the last one I had to frog. It's looking like it will realistically fit an 18 month old this winter-perfect.
The boys have expressed that they would each like a hat this autumn, so I pulled out the leftover fisherman's wool from my Dad's scarf and started on one. I don't have a pattern i'm really following, but I'm only making a pretty basic hat. I haven't decided though if I want to make the hat tall enough that the ribbing can flip up or not...i'll play it by ear.
If I run into any major snags I'll most likely pull up a pattern that seems similar to what i'm attempting and look for help.

I've been reading bits and pieces of
"free range knitter" and it cracks me up. The stories are heartwarming, and genuinely funny. I had never heard of these books until last week at our needle night a friend brought them because she was finished with them and wanted to pass them on. They're perfect for a quick late night read  when i'm waiting for Lotte to settle.

playing along with ginny


  1. that book is so funny. i really enjoyed it. i have to admit i love to knit hats, they are so rewarding because the knit up so quickly. :)

  2. I'm really into hats this week. The weather has been really rainy, so that was a good excuse to get started, and then it's hard to stop!

  3. I do adore the Yarn Harlot and all of her books.
    Have you read her blog? It's really a joy.

  4. Great idea to use up leftover yarn for hats, I admire you winging the pattern too, then you can't be wrong :) Love the colors of the hat!

  5. can't wait to see that lovey dovey!
    wish I had that book tonight, I need a light one.