Monday, August 20, 2012


This weekend was...
not sleeping in...poop
iced coffee, and iced coffee again
teething woes
slobbery cuddles
indian food
being bitten by the littlest person, a lot
a few rows of knitting
goofy songs on a porch swing 
some early christmas shopping while the boys were with mamaw and papaw
a trip to ikea for cupboard door safety latches
sunday morning church, surrounded by babies
walking babies, babies learning to sit, babies starting to crawl
paper dolls with my very imaginative four year old niece...who told me that i'm yellow and should never wear red. point taken, thank you, eva
a roll in the sandbox with my very delightful, and oh so simple little nephew
another trip to ikea, this time for lunch much to mark's displeasure, but he was a good sport
supper on the back porch, and chocolate cake
a good roll in the grass with all the kids

joining Amanda in weekending


  1. So what about the Chinese food? Did you trade for Indian? Cuz you traded up!
    Two IKEA trips - my people's dream come true. :)

    1. Chinese didn't happen that night-pizza did. (blah, and it was horrid.)
      The next evening though Mark and I found ourselves sans enfants (well, sans garcons anyway) and we were out Christmas shopping for the boys and we were really close to an Indian restaurant that we hadn't tried yet. It was really good, and Lotte loved it.
      And Ikea...yeah. After church my parents asked if we wanted to go to Ikea with them for Lunch and we had just been there the day before. mwwwahahahah. Mark likes Ikea, but it's always so crazy busy on Sundays (or weekends in general), and especially when everyone is back to school shopping. (you know, the "must have stellar ikea dormie bedroom finishings!" crowd.)-I think I went of to college with an electric teakettle and a sleeping bag. haha

  2. I love Ikea. LOVE. I'm sorry that you and he didn't agree... my husband HATES Ikea. I think when it's just me and him, it's better, though.

  3. My husband can't stand ikea either. He does accept meals there though :)
    The photo is lovely. Sounds like a good weekend!

  4. :) I think I need a latch for my kitchen cupboards, my little one is all into pouring cereal all over the floor at the moment :)
    Sounds like a beautiful weekend!