Monday, August 6, 2012


This weekend was:
more thunderstorms, but without much needed rain

iced Popcorn tea which I think is amazing-If you could put a state fair into a cup, this is what it would taste like. Mark finds it disgusting though...too bad for him!

purging many of the contents of our basement, making the basement much more enjoyable

ending a hot day by spending an evening in a hot tub with a broken heater- i suppose that's a cold tub?

the ripping of more magazines- that's right, i'm still going

a new tooth cut through for a certain little someone

a few rows of knitting

lack of sleep thanks to the little miss & possibly due to more new teeth ...this too shall pass

bird watching and nest spotting

some inspiration for some art projects for when I have more time to complete such endeavors

an annual family reunion with goofy games, but even goofier participants

freshly painted toenails yes, this matters

fresh tomatoes from mamaw's abundant garden

a new tomato eater in the family, who tested out her new teeth, and doesn't even mind having seeds stuck to her chin


  1. popcorn tea? never heard of it!

    how old is your wee one? my youngest is 7 1/2mos...still no teeth. we've never gone this long without teeth!

  2. Shoot, I meant to post a link to the tea. Its called "movie night" and it's from David's tea.

    Lotte is almost 10 months, and the YOUNGEST of ours to get teeth at all. She cut the first around 9 months. My boys were almost a year before those first chompers came in:)

  3. Can you come over and do our messy side of the basement? Sounds like your are spring cleaning and making great progress :)

  4. that's must be such a treat to have a usable basement. alwsygood to have more space.